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Covid-19 risk assessment

Healthy workplaces in a time of Covid-19

Heritage Health and Safety is applying its risk management expertise to assist customers getting back to work at the end of lockdown.

James has approached this process with due diligence, starting with a wide ranging literature search and referencing the government guidance along with that from the British Occupational Hygiene Society and the World Health Organisation.

The documentation that we produce is, as always, clear, helpful, and concise. James makes sure that he understands the interactions within the organisation through a site visit and discussion with staff. From this information he is able to write a tailored report specific to your operations. So far we have worked with many offices and business centres, contractors, and a nursery, and are speaking to arts providers, shops, and caterers.

Let us help you bring your business back to the new normal and safely integrate more people into your space. Get in touch.