About Heritage Health & Safety

Heritage Health and Safety was formed because restoring and maintaining our historic built environment requires unique considerations of risk and significance.

From understanding the risks and processes of traditional building crafts to applying appropriate new methods to assess hazards, managing director James Woolgrove has a wealth of experience in applying common sense health and safety in the historic built environment – from domestic homes to iconic castles.

His extensive and varied experience means he not only understands the regulations, but he knows the needs of visitor attractions, traditional building methods, modern construction practices, and the elements that make healthy and safe sites and workplaces.

James explains: I have worked in the project management, construction and health and safety sectors for more than 25 years. After working in large, new constructions including the Millennium Dome and Tussauds tourist attractions, I turned my attention to churches, theatres, traditional buildings and significant industrial sites. With heritage sites I found I could match my deep appreciation for traditional skills and environmental sustainability with sound and sensitive ways to ensure safe practices for workers and visitors alike.

I have also been involved in live events, from Volvo truck product launches to exhibitions. I have been involved in theatre staging, sound and lighting – and even arranged safe practices for fireworks displays.

Going back further, I spent my childhood playing on clifftops, in boats and going to boat yards and farms, long before today’s health and safety system was developed. Having also worked as a rock climbing and outdoor instructor, I know very well how the adrenalin rush inspires and captivates.

People get the impression that health and safety regulations stop people having fun and just add costs and complications. That’s not true.

Health and safety should enable activities to be done in a way that does not cause harm. I believe, and my experience has shown, that addressing health and safety from the beginning of a project will improve planning and often reduce costs.

From the projects I have been involved in around the country, to the professional networks I am part of, I work with a national network of experts that I can draw on as needed to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions.

I am a Fellow of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).


Do you need help with Health and Safety for your project?

At Heritage Health and Safety our mission is simple – to keep workforces and all site visitors safe while they preserve and appreciate our historic built environment.