Our Services

Heritage Health and Safety tailors advice specifically to meet your needs. There are no ‘off-the-peg’ solutions in our world. Every site is different and deserves in-depth, expert evaluation.

Health and safety are not bolt on measures to be considered at the end of a project. Doing so leads to restrictive, time-consuming and unwieldy operations.

We cover

  • Managing health and safety before, during and after construction
  • Workplace fire and operational risk assessments
  • Working with clients to make sure their sites operate safely and efficiently
  • Training in safe practices, task assessments and first aid
  • Improving the energy efficiency of traditional buildings

James’ common sense approach

I aim to keep things simple and specific to you, with concise, easy-to-understand documents and procedures, that the whole workforce can understand, engage with, and use.

My approach keeps the bureaucracy and red tape to the absolute minimum, whilst maintaining the highest standards of regulation compliance and, most importantly, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for workers and visitors.

Managing health and safety in construction

Construction has one of the highest rates for injury and ill health among all industries in the UK according to the Health and Safety Executive. I advise not only on…

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Providing a safe and engaging visitor experience

In opening heritage sites to the public, we need to strike the right balance between visitor safety and sensitivity to the historic fabric. For instance, putting a modern, bright walkway…

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Fire risk assessment

Historic buildings clearly were not built with modern fire safety measures in mind. I offer comprehensive and realistic fire risk assessments and work with you on appropriate measures to address…

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Site risk assessment

When looking at standard health and safety hazards on an old structure, we have to assess the risk differently. I look at how to reduce the risk whilst not damaging…

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Workplace risk assessment

The workplace regulations give fairly detailed guidance on different aspects of workplaces. In older buildings, this guidance and building regulations sometimes need to be adapted particularly with listed properties. I…

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Task assessments

I have found that the traditional method of risk assessment and method statement was not working for many of my clients. So I looked at the basics of what we…

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Delivering energy efficiency and sustainability

It is in all of our interests to tackle global climate change and reductions in CO2 emissions by 2050, as written into UK law. Around 80 percent of buildings that…

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Project oversight

I have managed large and small-scale projects, and can offer comprehensive guidance and assistance, even undertaking often challenging tender procedures. Together we aim for a project which is high quality,…

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Training courses

From toolbox talks to risk assessments, introductions to the regulations to in-depth workshops for duty holders, I offer practical training to help you apply safe practices for the long term.…

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Clients say

Staff member, The National Trust

We are very grateful to have worked with James over the past few years via direct commission and through wider partnership projects.  James is a real team player with an honest and common sense approach.  His expertise has been invaluable – not just in terms of his technical knowledge and management skill, but also his…

Daniel Bland, Upland Architect

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for your continued support in helping to manage the challenges encountered when working in the historic environment. Your passion and dedication to cutting the ‘red tape”, understanding the context and working with the wider project team not only ensures everyone involved goes…

Audrey Steeley, Heron Corn Mill, Beetham

We have worked with James Woolgrove on two major capital project developments since Spring 2008, and our experience has been that he is a methodical worker, thinking ahead to deflect any potential problems – this has kept our deadlines and budgets well on track. James works beyond the call of duty and given input and…